Believe it or not, in the late 80's the original Nintendo games were around $50 each cartridge! 
Pretty expensive for a retro game that is not cool as compared to today's games. People wanted more bang for their buck, but paying $50 for a game that they don't even know it's good was a big waste. So, a company decided to lend a hand to those who were on a budget , and released a cartridge with 52 games. This was called "Action 52". It retailed for 199.99 which is about four dollars for each game. Many thought it was a great way to save and went and got it. But to their disappointment, all the games in it were faulty, laggy, and not fun at all. Most of the games were space shooters that made no sense at all, and some weren't even playable due to the bad controls. Out of those 52 games was one that was supposed to start a new franchise similar to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They were The Cheetah Men.Just like the other games, Cheetah Men was a big flop! Crappy controls and gameplay gave it a bad reputation and never sold. So, what happens to games that nobody hears about in years? They simply become famous and sought after. A cartridge of Action 52 can cost thousands of dollars on online auctions. Just like Nintendo World Championships, Action 52 is extremely rare. But do not get it mixed up with the Sega Genesis remake of it, as there was one for it too. Test your luck and search for this cartridge at local yardsales!

In the early 90's Nintendo had a contest in different school campuses throughout the US. The person to beat Super Mario Bros, Rad Racer , and World Track meet under a certain time won some cool prizes and got a copy of World Championships cartridge. This cartridge contained all three games and some switches on the top left to change the time settings to complete the games. It is unknown how many cartridges are out there, but as of this day these cartridges can sell for tens of thousands of dollars on an online auction.A special edition gold cartridge was also released, but is way more rare than the standard gray one. If you want to make a fortune selling one of these, go out to a local flea market and search for these hidden treasures!
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