Gotta' catch em' all! Except Ghost , he's unbeatable. If you're wondering who Ghost is let me tell you the story behind him first . When Poke'mon Green Version was released in Japan, there were a few health concerning occurences. Children and adults alike got ringing and bleeding in the ear. What caused it? A town called Lavender Town . Lavender Town is in the far right region of Kanto. The most notable thing is the Pokemon graveyard that literally towers above the town. Once inside the tower you are most likely to hear strange stories and questions from the inhabitants. In the process you will stumble upon Ghost, a pokemon that has only a one shot kill attack named Curse. It is impossible to beat this pokemon and the music just adds to the effect. It is said that the music contains hidden frequencies which when viewed with a frequency viewere or whatever, it shows the image of Ghost and a hidden message using Anonymous pokemon.
Check out the music on Youtube on this link.
This is the beta(rough draft) to the official song. Listem to it up to the 1:10 mark.
For the official song just search , Lavender Town Song.

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