Remember the movie Tron back in the 80's? Yea i thought so. Remember Tron Legacy from 2011? "Oh yeaa it was awesome"! Well in this new take on the Tron movie , Daft Punk wrote an album to promote the movie. They even had custom helmets and attire to match the movie theme. Whats even cooler is that Monster the makers of Beats by Dre , made Tron Legacy Daft Punk Beats !
Unfortunately these headphones are reaaaallllyyy rare to find. If you do come across some, they will be really pricey.
But hey, its Daft Punk, who wouldn't spend a fortune on headphones with their name on it :-D
Dont believe their rarity? See for yourself.
Check it out! :

P.S- look out for bootleg or fake imitations of these headphones. Dont get fooled!

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