Godzilla! One of the most well recognized monsters in the world. Starting out in Japan in the early 1960's , Godzilla grew wide fame all over the world due to its menacing size and its firebreathing capabilities such as a dragon, which can leave a whole city in ashes.

Over the years there's been many sequels to the first film which make Godzilla more of a hero than a villain. Each sequel contains a unique villain for it to fight , for example, Mecha Godzilla, King Gihdora, Destroyah, Moguera and countless others. Hollywood attempted to make a Godzilla movie of its own, which failed miserably. But not all hope is gone as there are comics being published based on this character till this day. The old cheapy Godzilla figures that were once sold ,have been replaced with up to date ones which are made with much better quality materials and have better articulation points( as noted in the picture).
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P.S.: In recent rumors, it is rumored that a new Godzilla movie is in the making! And the best part is that this remake will be leaning more towards the original Japanese Godzilla . So stay put for more news on this soon to come remake of the King of Monsters .


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