AvP. Horrible movie. Predator 1 and 2 were great, enough said. Predator is an extraterrestrial like no other. It does not have a huge head with big black eyes and is green. Instead it's a creature with reptile-like tan skin, clawed feet, armor like that of a spartan , and large dreadlocks running down its back. What's even more menacing of this character is its ability to stalk helpless victims without being detected, hence the name Predator. He wears a metal plated mask which hides his gruesome visage, and wields a throwing spear and a mounted 3-dotted laser on his shoulder. It also has the ability to use infrared vision to find its prey. Now you can have this awesome movie creature in your collection. The Predator bust sports the upper torso and head of the Predator without his mask, showing the last face you'll see if he ever caught you and skinned you alive. Now available for 283.99.
Oh and yes his mouth does look like female genitelia.
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