NES had a few great franchise beginning games like Mario Bros.,Metroid, Castlevania, and Metal Gear. But in the mix was Megaman. An android created to destroy Dr.Wiley and his evil minions like Iceman, Fireman, Stoneman, and Napalm man. The successor to the NES, the SNES, brought a breakthrough game to the series, Megaman X. Megaman now had more of a mature theme, enhanced abilities like charging up his X-buster cannon, upgradeable armor, and being able to jump up walls. Tamashii Nations recreated this nostalgic character into a actual action figure , to commemerate the iconic character and the game. You can get a hold of this figure on for 149.99. Check it out!
The original Grand Theft Auto series on the Playstation made a big change in the gaming world. One has the ability to be a criminal in which he/she can steal vehicles, kill pedestrians,and be a member of a European mob. In 2002 the series changed once more with the release of Grand Theft Auto III. This new installment introduced 3d visuals and a new way to play. 2007 saw the release of Grand Theft Auto IV, yet another breakthrough with updated graphics and better gameplay. This year we will see GTA V hit store shelves, and disappear from them in a flash. It's the years most anticipated game next to Bioshock:Infinite. This game will have enhanced graphics, three different story perspectives, and a huge map to drive , fly, sail, or walk in. Make your pre-orders now for this game will sell quickly! Cant wait to see what Rockstar has in store for us!
Robocop! One of my all time favorite movies as a kid. It was futuristic, bloody , and creative . Theres no doubt Paul Vorhoeven created a masterpiece.
One notable figure is Robocops' competition. Enforcement droid(ed)-209.
8 foot war machine created to enforce the streets of Detroit. Due to a slight glitch, it was replaced by Robocop. Ed-209 has a menacing look , and a big weapon arsenal to back it up. It was no surprise that someone would make a figure of this iconic character, yet really expensive one.
Distributed by ,ed-209 is a rare figure to find ,with a big price tag. Anyone who is a hardcore fan of Robocop will fight to have this item in their possesion.
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One of the most beautifully crafted figures I have ever seen . Figma created these astonishingly detailed collectibles for Metroid fans around the world. Guess what? we are in luck as these figures are available on Amazon . com. Whether it be Samus in her Gravity suit or Zero suit, you know it'd look good on your desk or shelf. Want to see the rest of the merchandise?
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