Since we all love videogames and hidden features in them, why not talk about a scary hidden feature in a well known game? In the year ". " , an individual received a Rom(a console game for pc) from an anonymous person. The rom was called "MARIO" and it is a modified version of Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo. Upon starting the game , he noticed strange things about it . All the mystery blocks were already opened- these things= [?] , in case you didnt know,there were no villains or coins or anything, and there were creepy messages hidden when hitting the Yoshi mystery box , usually explaining how Mario tortures and traps Yoshi. But the biggest mystery was a Word document that came along with the Rom. When opened it contained a bunch of random typing , but mixed in there were the words "find me" typed three times. After extensive decoding attempts , somebody actually decoded the typing which was actually an image file. And the the one posted here.


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