Squidwards Suicide is an episode that was never released, better yet, not even planned! Well never made by the Spongebob studios or whatever at Nickelodeon. Its a must watch video as this video was sent to the studios from an anonymous source. Its all self explanatory so search it on Youtube!
Squidwards Suicide.
Really weird if you ask me.
The Red Mist is coming!
Gotta' catch em' all! Except Ghost , he's unbeatable. If you're wondering who Ghost is let me tell you the story behind him first . When Poke'mon Green Version was released in Japan, there were a few health concerning occurences. Children and adults alike got ringing and bleeding in the ear. What caused it? A town called Lavender Town . Lavender Town is in the far right region of Kanto. The most notable thing is the Pokemon graveyard that literally towers above the town. Once inside the tower you are most likely to hear strange stories and questions from the inhabitants. In the process you will stumble upon Ghost, a pokemon that has only a one shot kill attack named Curse. It is impossible to beat this pokemon and the music just adds to the effect. It is said that the music contains hidden frequencies which when viewed with a frequency viewere or whatever, it shows the image of Ghost and a hidden message using Anonymous pokemon.
Check out the music on Youtube on this link.
This is the beta(rough draft) to the official song. Listem to it up to the 1:10 mark.
For the official song just search , Lavender Town Song.
Since we all love videogames and hidden features in them, why not talk about a scary hidden feature in a well known game? In the year ". " , an individual received a Rom(a console game for pc) from an anonymous person. The rom was called "MARIO" and it is a modified version of Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo. Upon starting the game , he noticed strange things about it . All the mystery blocks were already opened- these things= [?] , in case you didnt know,there were no villains or coins or anything, and there were creepy messages hidden when hitting the Yoshi mystery box , usually explaining how Mario tortures and traps Yoshi. But the biggest mystery was a Word document that came along with the Rom. When opened it contained a bunch of random typing , but mixed in there were the words "find me" typed three times. After extensive decoding attempts , somebody actually decoded the typing which was actually an image file. And the image...is the one posted here.

$40,300. Wtf! Is what you might say. But to collectors , this game is worth every penny. Stadium events , as seen in the title is a Track game made by Bandai. In the early 90's though, Nintendo bought the rights to this game from Bandai and released it as World Class Track Meet. Finding this game in mint condition , meaning, still in the original seal, is far from possible. Unfortunately thats the only way you can make up to 40,300 dollars at an auction , maybe even more! For a used copy it'll cost around $2000, which is not bad, but hey , who wouldnt want 41,000 more on top of that. So, if you have a new copy of this laying around the house( which I highly doubt), grab a hold of it and see how much you can sell it for as collectors around the world are still searching.
Believe it or not, in the late 80's the original Nintendo games were around $50 each cartridge! 
Pretty expensive for a retro game that is not cool as compared to today's games. People wanted more bang for their buck, but paying $50 for a game that they don't even know it's good was a big waste. So, a company decided to lend a hand to those who were on a budget , and released a cartridge with 52 games. This was called "Action 52". It retailed for 199.99 which is about four dollars for each game. Many thought it was a great way to save and went and got it. But to their disappointment, all the games in it were faulty, laggy, and not fun at all. Most of the games were space shooters that made no sense at all, and some weren't even playable due to the bad controls. Out of those 52 games was one that was supposed to start a new franchise similar to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They were The Cheetah Men.Just like the other games, Cheetah Men was a big flop! Crappy controls and gameplay gave it a bad reputation and never sold. So, what happens to games that nobody hears about in years? They simply become famous and sought after. A cartridge of Action 52 can cost thousands of dollars on online auctions. Just like Nintendo World Championships, Action 52 is extremely rare. But do not get it mixed up with the Sega Genesis remake of it, as there was one for it too. Test your luck and search for this cartridge at local yardsales!

In the early 90's Nintendo had a contest in different school campuses throughout the US. The person to beat Super Mario Bros, Rad Racer , and World Track meet under a certain time won some cool prizes and got a copy of World Championships cartridge. This cartridge contained all three games and some switches on the top left to change the time settings to complete the games. It is unknown how many cartridges are out there, but as of this day these cartridges can sell for tens of thousands of dollars on an online auction.A special edition gold cartridge was also released, but is way more rare than the standard gray one. If you want to make a fortune selling one of these, go out to a local flea market and search for these hidden treasures!
Remember the movie Tron back in the 80's? Yea i thought so. Remember Tron Legacy from 2011? "Oh yeaa it was awesome"! Well in this new take on the Tron movie , Daft Punk wrote an album to promote the movie. They even had custom helmets and attire to match the movie theme. Whats even cooler is that Monster the makers of Beats by Dre , made Tron Legacy Daft Punk Beats !
Unfortunately these headphones are reaaaallllyyy rare to find. If you do come across some, they will be really pricey.
But hey, its Daft Punk, who wouldn't spend a fortune on headphones with their name on it :-D
Dont believe their rarity? See for yourself.
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P.S- look out for bootleg or fake imitations of these headphones. Dont get fooled!
Godzilla! One of the most well recognized monsters in the world. Starting out in Japan in the early 1960's , Godzilla grew wide fame all over the world due to its menacing size and its firebreathing capabilities such as a dragon, which can leave a whole city in ashes.

Over the years there's been many sequels to the first film which make Godzilla more of a hero than a villain. Each sequel contains a unique villain for it to fight , for example, Mecha Godzilla, King Gihdora, Destroyah, Moguera and countless others. Hollywood attempted to make a Godzilla movie of its own, which failed miserably. But not all hope is gone as there are comics being published based on this character till this day. The old cheapy Godzilla figures that were once sold ,have been replaced with up to date ones which are made with much better quality materials and have better articulation points( as noted in the picture).
Toywiz.com currently has the new version of Godzilla toys for sale, at a reasonable price!
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P.S.: In recent rumors, it is rumored that a new Godzilla movie is in the making! And the best part is that this remake will be leaning more towards the original Japanese Godzilla . So stay put for more news on this soon to come remake of the King of Monsters .

AvP. Horrible movie. Predator 1 and 2 were great, enough said. Predator is an extraterrestrial like no other. It does not have a huge head with big black eyes and is green. Instead it's a creature with reptile-like tan skin, clawed feet, armor like that of a spartan , and large dreadlocks running down its back. What's even more menacing of this character is its ability to stalk helpless victims without being detected, hence the name Predator. He wears a metal plated mask which hides his gruesome visage, and wields a throwing spear and a mounted 3-dotted laser on his shoulder. It also has the ability to use infrared vision to find its prey. Now you can have this awesome movie creature in your collection. The Predator bust sports the upper torso and head of the Predator without his mask, showing the last face you'll see if he ever caught you and skinned you alive. Now available for 283.99.
Oh and yes his mouth does look like female genitelia.
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Relieve the battle of Hoth with this unique playset. Find a decent At-At and X -wing build , you can even reenact the scene where Luke Skywalker ties up the At-At legs with a "super strong" rope and bring it down to the snowy ground. This set is sold on the Toys R' Us website for 89.99, which is not bad for a whole set including figures and some vehicles. Only downside is that there are no Wampas included!
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